Citta Botany

July 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Citta Botany
citta botany 3d routercut letters

With the development of Botany Town Centre, Citta now occupy the space that was once Dick Smith Electronics. National Signs produced 3D fabricated lettering, installed to ACM boxes which were painted to Citta’s corporate colour specifications. The fascia signage required custom framing and support designed by National Signs in order to guarantee longevity and public…

New World Papakura

July 31, 2017 | Comments Off on New World Papakura
new world papakura 3d illuminated letters roadside pylon signage

With the recent changes in New World’s brand standards, National Signs have been manufacturing and installing new signage nationwide in order to implement the new specifications. Each store has different requirements and an accompanying array of challenges. The Papakura store had a roadside pylon, which we re-clad in new ACM panels, and installed new digital…

Storm Ponsonby

July 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Storm Ponsonby
storm ponsonby under vernda lightbox signage

National Signs manufacture and install the signage for Storm NZ nationwide. The ponsonby store features an LED-illuminated under-veranda lightbox made from painted panels sandwiched together.

Murder Burger Ponsonby

July 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Murder Burger Ponsonby
murder burger ponsonby 3d fabricated lightbox signage tavern led illuminated

Occupying a prominent space on Ponsonby Road, Murder Burger needed some fresh and attention-grabbing signage. The fascia and tavern lightboxes were fabricated in-house at National Signs, complete with LED illumination. The case and panels of the fascia sign had to be router-cut to shape, and then painted and overlaid with translucent red vinyl.

Great Wall / Haval Head Office

July 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Great Wall / Haval Head Office
national signs haval great wall signage 3d fascia

National Signs completed the new fascia signage at the Great Wall/Haval head office on Mt Wellington Highway. Complete with chrome logos installed to a silver alucobond fascia – the result looks stunning.  

Continental Cars Ferrari

July 26, 2017 | Comments Off on Continental Cars Ferrari
continental cars ferrari 3d illuminated fascia signage roadside pylon

National Signs manufactured and installed the signage at Continental Cars Ferrari in Newmarket. The signage package included 3D illuminated letters installed to the existing fascia, followed by a roadside pylon painted in-house to Ferrari’s international colour specifications. The logo at the top of the pylon is internally illuminated with white LED’s.